The Wisdom Of Kabbalah Covers Everything

laitman_628.2Question: Can studying Kabbalah cause the desire to study sciences such as physics, psychology, and philosophy?

Answer: No. Kabbalah covers everything. After all, you enter into a new part of the universe, the management system, and therefore you are not interested in what is happening at the lowest level of our world.

Comment: Once it was believed that a person must study seven sciences before he began to study Kabbalah.

Answer: That was a long time ago; Kabbalists existed even in the time of the forefathers.

Question: Does it mean that today secondary school and higher education is enough?

Answer: Even this is not required. Current egoism is so developed that it does not need to be developed further. You can immediately begin participating in the connection in the circle and reveal the Creator existing between us.

Question: Is it possible that a person will not develop a desire, for example, for art?

Answer: He has no side-wishes! A person demonstrates aspiration only to one point. He will not aspire to anything except the highest level of his existence. Why should he focus on the little things? This is like an adult who goes to a sandbox to play with children!

We are talking about desire, about the fact that a person begins to work with it. This is necessary for him in order to correct the world, not for something else. After all, looking at our world with all its attributes, such as culture, science, philosophy, psychology, and anything else he sees, all of it is already in the state of terrible crisis. We reveal it more and more every day. So why should he enter into this?!

Kabbalah, on the contrary, raises us to the next degree where all of humanity will have to ascend. Just today, people do not yet have the predisposition to it. However, their interest in culture, the arts, and everything else is already disappearing.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/25/17

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