Twenty Years Before The War

laitman_250Twenty years before the Second World War began, no one conceived it. However, Baal HaSulam knew about it well in advance. He warned the Jews in Poland of the danger and implored them to leave, but they did not listen. When the war began, no other country wanted them and they perished.

By that time, Baal HaSulam was already living in Palestine. When the troops led by General Rommel approached it, the people began to panic. Yet, Baal HaSulam was absolutely confident that the troops would stop and told this to his students and acquaintances.

And indeed, Rommel stopped right at the Palestinian border even though he had the support of Egypt. The predictions of Kabbalist’s have come true.

Baal HaSulam understood everything that was happening in Europe at the time and was very concerned about it.

This raises the question: can a Kabbalist affect the upper forces? Under certain conditions, yes. Perhaps it is not because he wishes to do it, but because he is guided that way from above. He has no calculations of his own in this regard, not in any way or with any one.

I guess that this might have been his spiritual action: a guide was required in order for it to happen in our world. The same happens every moment with every one of us. We affect one another at every moment and determine one another’s state. It is also possible to determine one another’s state at critical moments.

Question: Don’t you say that a Kabbalist cannot affect the corporeal future?

Answer: This is not the corporeal future, since, in fact, there is no matter at all. This is a state of forces, their correlation with each other.

What does “corporeality” mean? If we research any object, we will find that it consists of a vacuum. What is in it? Atoms? These are particles separated from one another by enormous distances. That is to say, matter is force. There is nothing corporeal.

Therefore, we and everything we feel around us is an accumulation of forces. And it all moves within a single field called the soul. This field is what we need to care for, molding it so it becomes similar to the force that is inside of that field. And that is up to us, the people. This is the correction.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/16/16

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