Democrats Are Fighting Against Democracy

115.06The only way to build a new reality is through integral education. After all, every attempt humanity makes to correct its state fails every time and causes even greater harm. This is because the cause of all the problems and perverse forms of our development lies only in our egoism.

It is egoism that pushes us to develop and therefore we are increasingly growing our egoistic desire. Instead of satisfying it, however, we fail every time and find ourselves even more devastated.

This is clearly visible in the modern world that is supposedly based on democracy and liberalism. After all, the biggest “democracy” that was currently flourishing in the US has suddenly begun to degenerate, practically into Nazism. Half of the people do not agree with the results of the democratic elections and actually try to prevent the elected president from taking power.

This only happens in countries with the most radical regimes. Could a revolution be in the making in the US? It can be seen that egoism leads a person to a state in which all of his liberal and democratic foundations collapse. Democracy exists for him only as long as it suits him. However, as soon as it goes against his opinion, he is immediately ready to abandon it and throw it in the garbage.

Clearly, all of this stems from excessively developed egoism and it is obvious that there is no solution for this. We have come to these interesting results due to our egoistic development. The wellbeing of society is now directly in the hands of the rich elite.

So what kind of democracy, liberalism, and pluralism is it if the newspapers and media are in the hands of the rich who determine which way they wish to twist society, the country, and the world at large? Therefore, at least, we should not deceive ourselves and believe the news by calling these systems by the names of democracy and liberalism.

This is not a democracy at all but, rather, represents propaganda of opinion, beneficial only to the one who pays the owner of the newspaper. And this opinion will manifest as a result because time after time, year after year, it spreads through thousands of media channels and newspapers as well as via the Internet.

In this way, the public gradually gets a twisted opinion without noticing how it changes and becomes like zombies according to the desire of the one who pays for and orders the “music.” The rich elite want to form a certain opinion among the people and therefore pay to support newspapers, the media, and social networks.

This is a useful and advanced state. After all, while our egoism was small we did not see our vices. Today, the malfunction is revealed to such an extent that people in America and Europe are taking to the streets, shouting, and instigating riots. It has become obvious to everyone that this is not the state humanity has dreamt of.

The American Dream and our hopes for a united Europe have melted. In fact, these systems have turned out to be quite the opposite of what we had thought. This is because our egoism guides us this way. We are trying to correct externalities: the world, the environment, and the form society takes in order to organize new parties and extend new influence on the people. And we hope to correct something this way.

As a result, there will be more police officers, hospitals, and other organizations that help the needy, but nothing good will come out of them. After all, the cause of all these malfunctions is hidden in our egoism and it is this egoism that needs to be corrected.

Therefore, instead of dealing with the correction of the external world, it is necessary to investigate and correct a person’s internal world. The whole world is perceived within a person and we see so many vices around us in human society because we, ourselves, are corrupted inside. If we would focus on correcting our internal properties, we would simultaneously learn how to correct the external world.

We are living at a time when humanity is beginning to reveal the consequences of its many thousands of years of development and is seeking an answer.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/3/16, Lesson on the Topic: “Mismah Arosa (Arosa Document),” “What Is to Be Done?”

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