My Thoughts On Twitter, 10/2/17


Life’s 1 purpose is 2 be like Creator. The 1 sin is not searching for this constantly. The 1 solution—to unite 10 as one, fulfilled by Him

If you steal, you must be cared for & protected. If you lecture others, hate ppl & country and oppose unity, there’s no atonement for this!

By creating a network of good #connections between us, we unite the cells in nature’s common body and reveal its vivifying force, the Creator.

Above, through all the Sefirot (worlds) descends a ray of light (Torah), awakening in us a spark that calls on us to reveal the upper world

We’re an organism that crumbled to pieces. If we gather it, a force of #unity & sensation of eternal & perfect system will manifest inside.

The right relationships allow us to control all the levels of #nature, since all nature follows its highest level, man.

Researchers: In 2018 we should expect a sharp change in #climate and pole shifting. Only people unifying can remove the disbalance of nature.

#EU scientists have declared homeopathy a lie dangerous to health–a clear example of a power struggle for the market and society’s crisis!

Atonement for sins lies only in spiritual unity. This is the correction of system of Adam, in which the Creator (fulfillment) will appear.

If #Israel unites, it will heal all its & world’s problems. The Creator won’t stop pushing us toward this with suffering & #antisemitism.

Using a person egoistically is a crime against them. Using the world egoistically is a crime against the Creator. #Israel #Jewish

Revealing the evil of one’s nature isn’t cause to despair, but rather joy–it’s the first, essential step toward correction of self (soul).

#YomKippur If I unite with others to unite w/ the Creator, it means I’ve achieved soul’s correction, which the Creator fills with Himself.

Ask forgiveness 4 not having united into one whole. This is our fault, and is exactly what the Creator doesn’t forgive! #YomKippur2017

Sin is opposing unification into one desire, ADAM. #YomKippur does not cover sins between people. Correction is love of one’s neighbor.

On #YomKippur we must understand what we’re lacking, which good actions. Since all we’re lacking is the right attitude toward one another.

Stop preparing kids to work at businesses. The only #profession of the future is a specialist in organizing people into a unified society.

From Twitter, 10/2/17

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