Why Do We Have To Know The Laws Of The Upper World?

laitman_567_04Comment: It is unfortunate that the science of Kabbalah cannot explain to us the laws of the upper world. There are over two hundred physical laws of the corporeal world that are revealed and beautifully described.

My Response: These laws are described because a person has revealed them, being in the same qualities. That is the only reason he came to perceive and attain them. If a person lacks spiritual qualities, he cannot do anything but listen to what the Kabbalists tell him.

For example, if I have a cat, a dog, a goat or a cow at home, can I possibly explain to them the laws of physics? I cannot. In order to do that, they have to rise to the level of a human and develop certain qualities that in turn would allow them to feel and reveal these laws of nature.

Two thousand years ago we didn’t know what we know today because our egoism is constantly developing, which allows us to reveal new dependencies in it.

Comment: But the goat or cow are not required to know the laws of the material world. We, the Kabbalists, write that we must know the laws of the upper world.

My Response: We have to know because this helps us ascend to the level of being able to influence our fate.

Question: Then why don’t we have any predisposing factors to it?

Answer: Because it is precisely through attaining your true self and tuning in to perceive the spiritual laws that you develop these factors in just the right way. If you were just to receive them, you would be called an “angel,” meaning, would exist in them from the start, but then you’d be like a goat or a cow.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/12/17

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