Invaluable One Thousandth Of Desire

laitman_239Question: Kabbalists write that eventually all the people must come to the revelation of the upper force. But, at the same time, the wisdom of Kabbalah awakens fear and rejection in many people. What causes this obstacle that has been accompanying the path of Kabbalah for thousands of years?

Answer: This obstacle is in a person’s nature; one’s egoism does not tolerate the wisdom of Kabbalah; in fact, it is death for it. A person should come to Kabbalah out of despair and the inability to answer the question “What is the meaning of my life?” He feels he must solve this question and without it there is no life.

Question: Does it mean that if a person would accept Kabbalah easily and joyfully, he would never require the upper force and could not exit his egoistic nature? Is this why one has a negative attitude to Kabbalah?

Answer: If the study of Kabbalah was beneficial to a person’s egoism, of course, he would not protest against it. All our pursuits in this world, such as science, education, culture, and religion are aimed at fulfilling our egoism.

We develop all these areas based on our egoism, and therefore, they do not cause any resistance. Some are engaged in one area, others in another one, but each one understands that there is a place for everything.

Whereas, the wisdom of Kabbalah is contrary to everything because it is opposite to human nature! It says that we need to cross out this person we see in the mirror, that is, ourselves, and to build the complete opposite in its place.

Question: But people do not know all this. A person gives all sorts of other reasons when he is criticizing Kabbalah. Where does this hatred come from?

Answer: The hatred arises subconsciously. It does not matter that a person does not understand, he feels rejection subconsciously, the way anti-Semitism exists subconsciously throughout all generations.

A person subconsciously feels that there is a confrontation between our egoism and Kabbalah within the general system. As soon as he hears about Kabbalah, the protective mechanism within him begins to work, forcing him to avoid it because it threatens egoism.

Question: Then why are there people who aspire to Kabbalah and want to study it?

Answer: It is because they are awakened by the general system. In every person, along with great egoism, there also is one percent or even a fraction of a percent of the desire that aspires to the upper system that controls our life. This system is called the Creator, the upper nature.

If this one thousandth of the desire begins to shine, if the spiritual spark is ignited in a person, then he is ready to give up everything in order to increase it and to look at the world through it. After all, he sees that the remaining 99% that belong to his egoism will bury him; in other words, he will end his life the way he started it.

Generation after generation, one reincarnation after another, go by without any benefit. Gradually this question arises in a person, and more and more people begin to search for the meaning of life.
From KabTV’s “The reasons for the negative attitude towards Kabbalah” 7/19/17

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