At The Entrance To The Land Of Israel

laitman_749.01In the chapter “Tavo” (“When you come”), Moses explains to the people what they must do at the entrance to the Land of Israel, which is when they rise to a new spiritual degree.

Land (Eretz) is from the word “Ratzon” (desire), and “Israel” (Isra-El) means straight to the Creator. The ascent to the degree where all a person’s aspiration is directed only to the Creator is called entrance to the land of Israel. There is not any geography or history here!

It is written in the Torah that the sons of Israel will both curse and bless, meaning they will have the right and left line and they will fight their problems in order to unite even more. At that, the steps of elevation in the land of Israel are very difficult, not simple, and are revealed gradually.

Conquering this land in this way, these desires and intentions, the sons of Israel gradually reveal the Creator within themselves. In other words, this desire called the land of Israel manifests between them, in which they attain Him more and more.

Everything that happened before, during the correction in the desert, was aimed at not harming each other. Now their desires connect with each other above hatred and all the problems. By covering hatred with love, they reveal the Creator.

This is no longer a desert but internal wars. They know that they are facing a huge terrible war, each one within himself and with each other.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/5/16

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