The Evolution Of Human Society

laitman_202_0The collective unconscious unites all of humanity and unconsciously transforms our civilization into a single body. The development of human society has gradually reached a blind alley, and a process of withdrawal and degeneration has begun.

In general, a new stage in the development of society happens on a more instinctive and unconscious level during revolutions and crises. This is because the higher force that drives humanity toward development is beyond our reach—it is the Creator above, and from us to Him—there has been the power of the collective unconscious.

The world is tired of despicable and alienated attitudes. In a time of turmoil, a dead end, or crisis, a powerful force always arrives and, which through suffering, forces humanity to take a step forward into the unknown. In our day, after the transition to the new situation, the collective unconscious will be replaced by a collective consciousness that strives and aims toward resembling the Creator, the higher level.

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