Generation Gap, Part 4

laitman_961,1Question: How do we build the connection between parents and children through the desire for the eternal soul? How do we develop within the child the desire for the soul?

Answer: From the moment of birth, we must place the child in an environment where he can grow spiritually so that in several years we can speak with him in a language we both understand.

He must have such an environment where he can develop physically, emotionally, and intellectually for the revelation of the soul within him.

The environment is obligated to teach him how to do this through appropriate, kind, and friendly connection with others so that he can begin to sense a friendly world to such an extent that his egoism gradually goes through the lessons for correct behavior, that is, bestowal, love of others, connection, and unity.

Question: What does he need this for?

Answer: In order to see a positive response in the eyes of others and to take his place among them while he is still moved by egoistic motives. Everything else we leave to be accomplished by a special force that is at work in such a society, called the Light that Reforms.

Question: So the only method of connection between generations is the development of the soul, a process by which a person comes out of his egoism? And what does he see then?

Answer: He sees a system that controls the life of this whole world. He begins to derive pleasure, not from toys, that is, short-lived temporary pleasures—the Internet, television, movies, food, sex, family, money, power, fame, and narcotics—but from true fulfillment of experiencing the source of all pleasures.

This fulfillment is a great deal more significant and powerful than all others that are found in everyday life.

Spiritual pleasure fulfills the biggest human desire, a desire called the soul.

Question: Will this fulfill a person? Will he be happy?

Answer: Without question, because this is how we are made. It is an eternal and perfect pleasure, the biggest and fullest, giving us the ability to perceive and to be fulfilled from end to end. All other pleasures are only like tiny grains of sand that exist within spiritual pleasure.
From KabTV’s “A New Life 851,” 4/18/17

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