Stages Of Spiritual Elevation

laitman_747_01.jpgSpiritual work begins from the fact that you bind yourself to accept the laws of your own correction.

Like on the way out of Egypt, the sons of Israel had to understand that the most important thing is the rise above egoism, the passage of the Red Sea, the acceptance of the main principle “love your neighbor as yourself” as the ultimate goal, and aspiration to it with the help of mutual commitment, when all connect into one single whole.

They were obliged to accept this direction according to their efforts to connect together above egoism and to move forward. Accordingly, they received help from above, the upper Light of correction called Torah.

It was like entering the desert when you really are going into the desert because there are no correct states, desires, or intentions before you. You turn them into the correct source; you correct your egoistic qualities to altruistic ones, hatred into love.

Therefore, the mountain you stand before is called, Mount Sinai (from the word “Sina” – hatred), which you gradually turn into love after 40 years of traveling through the desert, meaning 40 degrees from Malchut to Bina, from the quality of complete reception to the quality of bestowal. You enter the state when you as if climb the same Mount Sinai, but already as the entire nation.

Then you can win the land of Israel, conquer it, which means to correct it, and after this erect a Temple on it, that is, create a common soul for everyone. In our world, the Temple represents creation of a single soul.

This is what is commanded to a person who ascends to the next spiritual level. At that, this is not about geographical conquests but exactly the internal state of a person when he rises to the degree called the land of Israel.

He receives the instruction for further corrections while being in the state Mount Sinai.

The next stage is the correction itself that is called forty years of wandering in the desert. During this stage, he feels various egoistic desires in himself, and by correcting them from the intention for myself to the intention for the sake of others, that is, through others to the Creator, and reaches an ascent to the next degree.

There he begins to work directly with his egoistic desires without rising above them but using them for bestowal. This state is called the work in the land of Israel.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 11/21/16

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