Who Am I After All?

laitman_610_2Question: If the Creator awakens desires, and thoughts grow from them, it turns out that desires and thoughts are not mine. Then who am I?

Answer: Nobody. You are the one who realizes that thoughts and desires, mind and heart flow through you. Nothing more.

How can a person have something of his own? The organism is born, it grows and develops. How can anything of his own emerge in a person? From what? From the influence of the outside world? He is an element of the outside world, and what he feels, what flows through him, depends on how the world affects him. Does it really belong to him? No, this is what passes through him.

This is our beastly life.

In fact, every human is really great, but he remains in a dormant, inactive state until he is awakened and opens his eyes. Until then, we live our lives; we come back again and again until our conscious participation is required.

All our listeners have a point in the heart, which at some moment appeared in them. They are no longer enacted just like robots. They were brought to hear, to begin to understand, to see the method, to become aware of the great system of the universe in which they exist, and how they can start to consciously and efficiently work in it by themselves.

From my perspective, these people are completely different from all the others; because in those that simply exist around us, the point in the heart is still asleep. In The Book of Zohar they are called “sleeping.” Their eyes are turned inward because they value only their egoism and nothing else. They cannot yet look outside to see everything through the quality of bestowal and love.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/15/17

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