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Laitman_419In the News (Independent): “French presidential candidates have backed a plan to introduce a universal basic income of €750 (£655) a month, in what they described as a bid to combat the threat of robots taking over three million jobs.

“Two of the seven candidates for the French Socialist Party leadership have proposed the measure, which would see every French citizen over 18 receive the monthly pay-out, regardless of their employment status.”

My Comment: It is impossible to introduce a basic income in one country when it is connected with the rest of the nations of the European Union. What would millions of Italians, Spaniards, Greeks, and all the others say? How would people from neighboring nations relate to their governments if France introduced a basic income for all?

Question: And if the European Union were to break up, would they be able to introduce a law like this?

Answer: In this case, yes. Otherwise the possibility of influencing each other cannot be ruled out. “I don’t want you to introduce a basic income because I am not in a position to do so. So, I will stick a spoke in your wheel.”

Question: And what about a person who would begin to receive a basic income?

Answer: What would happen is natural deterioration. If we don’t oblige a person to do anything, then total deterioration would appear because our nature is egoistic. The ego aspires to a state of tranquility or a direct uniform movement like all of nature. That is all, no superfluous and new movements.

And this would be a state of deterioration for the nation. A nation would not be able to do anything if it doesn’t obligate people to come out of their “lairs” and participate in serious events that develop and move them forward. Therefore, they must introduce integral upbringing and education and various social activities. Moreover, they must be mandatory. If not, then nothing will be left of humanity. It would slide back to the level of the beast by giving people the possibility of sitting in their dens and looking from there into the light with empty eyes.

Question: So is it necessary to introduce a basic income or not?

Answer: It is possible to introduce it only on condition that we employ people. First of all, it is necessary to introduce a system that would be seriously involved with the education of people and would obligate them. Conditions must be set for receiving a basic income: if a person studies and is engaged in a particular framework in which he works on himself to build a new future, a new nation, a new society, then he deserves a basic income. The physical work could be done by robots.

Then everything will start to flourish. As a result of education and upbringing, people’s needs will be reduced to a minimum, because there will be no earnings as such. Gradually, the base income will become mandatory. In principle, only this will remain because in the next ten years all the workplaces will be occupied by robots. People will no longer need to chase new excesses because everyone will have a certain normal income. Perhaps they will receive it not in money, but in the form of goods, food, clothing, free use of electricity, energy resources, and so on. That is, everything will be more or less reduced to non-cash settlement.

In general, this is a movement toward communism. Everyone will have a basic income and people will start working on building a free, egalitarian, and united society. This would be the work of people. Only a small part would be engaged with the development and construction of robots and their programming.

Robots are becoming commonplace today. Even though they look the same externally, they will be programmed differently, some will weld, others will glue, others will assemble, these will fasten, and so on. I have seen entire factories that were built like this. It was very beautiful!
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/18/16

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