Why Doesn’t The Creator Provide Examples?

laitman_527_03Question: What is the connection between us in which we discover the Creator?

Answer: You need to become one whole, a single system, in complete mutual internal connection. All of nature is a single whole. It is only we who do not feel or see this because we are not built that way.

Question: How is it possible to live united in the physical world?

Answer: You will see the physical world as if it is transparent and you will finally feel that you understand how it works. You will feel like you used to wander around in it like blind kittens.

Question: Why was everything created so there are no examples of connection and unity in our world? What must we do for the Creator to show us this concretely?

Answer: How can the Creator show you? For this He must create the characteristic of bestowal in you through which you will see His example. This example exists, you are in it. You are in an eternal and whole world, but with your limited characteristics, you only see a small and broken fragment of it.

Question: Must a person believe in this?

Answer: A person doesn’t need to believe. This is his own idea. I don’t tell him what to do, he must decide for himself alone.

Question: What is the reason the Creator is hidden?

Answer: The reason is that a person must invest effort to create a special integral organ (sense) within himself for discovering the upper world; otherwise, he will not feel it. Specifically to the degree that he invests effort and yearns to discover it, he will develop the sense for feeling the upper world within himself.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/30/16

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