What Can One Do So As To Not Reincarnate Anymore?

laitman_764_1Question: What can one do so as not to reincarnate in the material world?

Answer: A person must reach either the whole or a fragmentary state of the soul.

It depends on the root of the soul. There are souls that reach their fragmentary correction, and further correction is carried out on the account of others. There are souls that have to work more actively. They come back to the material state and dress again in their “donkey” (animalistic body) to continue the attainment of the upper world from the next level.


That is, some reincarnations occur in the spiritual form and some through dressings in our world.

Question: Could the soul reincarnate, let’s say, as a donkey, or only in a human body?

Answer: What does reincarnation have to do with a donkey? A donkey is an animalistic, vital force, nothing else.
What we feel as inanimate, vegetative, and animate manifestations around us and also as our own animalistic nature is only the feeling of our desire. Actually, this world does not exist. It is called “an illusory world.”

Therefore, such states are possible in our reincarnations when we rise to higher tens and then fall down and find ourselves in inanimate, vegetative, or animate nature again. Then, we rise again to the human level and afterward, to the spiritual height.

This is all just a metamorphosis of our reincarnation in one single desire, in one single soul.

We are talking only about one desire, which is divided into inanimate, vegetative, and animate degrees, and the human degree. We circulate in this desire, up and down, down and up: inanimate, vegetative, human; animate, vegetative, inanimate, human. And so on, and that is all. When one is in animate perception, meaning on an animate level of desire, one feels himself in his body.
From the Lesson in Russian, 11/06/16

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