EU – It Is Better To Separate Than To Be Bound By Egoistic Ties

Laitman_419Question: How do you see society in Europe in 2020? Will the current events impact the unity of the European community or will they lead to greater division? What will happen to the EU economy?

Answer: That depends on many factors. But if Europe is divided, it will be better off than if it stays the way it is today.

It is better to disperse gradually than to relate as they do today because currently these ties are purely egoistic. And if they are gradually corrected, it is possible to keep things the way they are. In fact the European states will be able to get closer to each other and to cooperate properly according to the degree of their correction.

I don’t think that now they will suddenly feel what I am saying. I have spoken about it many times in person with European leaders. They will not do it. They will not be able to! Politicians and bankers are managing Europe. For them a united Europe is the unity of banks and industrial plants in order to profit as much as possible and to crush whoever is below them to rise above someone. Therefore, there is no point talking about a united Europe. It is the unity of the industrial market and of the banks and nothing more than that. And the rest of the people experience only troubles. The disparity between the two will only keep growing.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/3/16

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