The “Holy Still” Level

laitman_281_01All the great Kabbalists wrote their books only from the attainment of the upper system, upper forces, and upper governance. Exactly through his attainments, Moses wrote the Torah as a story of the crossing the Sinai desert for forty years. It, in fact, speaks only about spiritual actions.

It is the same with Rambam and other Kabbalists. Each one selected some kind of special, earthly form of presentation that was close to him and described spiritual phenomena. The interesting thing is that when you explain this on the earthly level, you receive such laws that through keeping them, the society becomes totally different. It is as if society conserves itself through protection from bad internal problems.

This level is called Holy Still (Domem de Kedusha) and it protects a person from many problems because some illumination of the upper forces descends upon him. Although he doesn’t understand anything and just keeps the traditions, he protects himself.

However, the goal is not in this; this is just a minimum level of preservation. It is followed by the vegetative, animate, and human levels where certain efforts are required from us to change our internal state.

The first level, Domem de Kedusha, doesn’t require anything apart from one thing: “Preserve yourself.” You were given this tradition and you must scrupulously abide by it.

However, if you don’t keep it, you fall from this level. To keep means to work always against constantly growing egoism. It is necessary to rise constantly in order to compensate for the descent of egoism. It is impossible to be just spiritually still because the people of Israel fell from this level.

In those times, sages taught on the spiritually still level and tried to pull people to the higher degrees so that they themselves would advance and grow spiritually. However, the people thought that it is enough for them to stay the way they are, “Why shouldn’t I be the same as my grandfather?! I perform everything as required.” A person doesn’t even feel that everything that he does is only mechanical.

Thus, there is what is called the descent of the generations to the point that we see today. And everything is just because they left the spiritual ascent. After all, it is impossible to remain on the same level without compensating for the growing egoism.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 7/13/16

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