New Life #787 – Life In An Imaginary Reality

New Life #787 – Life In An Imaginary Reality
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel


How does the ego control the perception of our reality, are we living in an imaginary reality, and what is the higher reality the Kabbalists speak about?

What is imaginary and what is reality? There is only one reality, the higher power. As long as we haven’t discovered it, we are living in imagination. The sages of Kabbalah discovered the true higher reality, the Creator (Boreh), from the phrase, “Bo Re” (come and see).

  • There is a general sense within us called a “desire for pleasure”; it is like internal glasses that are installed in us.
  • Like three-dimensional glasses have been assembled and we see an imaginary reality through a program. That is how we are born. It is impossible to remove the “glasses” that were installed in us at birth and which portray the imaginary world for us.
  • The higher power installed these “glasses” in us so that we will come to the conclusion that our lives are miserable and we will want more.
  • There is only one single reality, the upper force, the Creator, which we must discover. Everything else is an imaginary world.
  • There is a true reality that exists without any connection to a person, which is beyond time, movement, and space. It is the force of bestowal.
  • The force of bestowal produces reality and takes care of it until it brings us to consciousness.
  • The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us how to accept this reality and discover it; therefore, it is called the hidden wisdom.
  • The true perception of reality depends on transcending the ego, above the desire to receive pleasure and enjoyment for oneself.
  • In fact, we are living within a structured situation; it is only when we go out of it that we discover that we were like dreamers.
  • We discover the true reality by changing our perception, changing our relationships with the people around us.
  • The crises in our world are intended to advance us toward discovery of the true reality, the power of love and bestowal.
    From KabTV’s “New Life #787 – Life In An Imaginary Reality,” 11/1/16
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