New Life #400 – Sports Education And Group Power

New Life #400 – Sports Education And Group Power
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


You can acquire educational values through sports. What characterizes sports that promote connection compared to ordinary competitive sports, and does group cooperation significantly improve achievements?

Sports can develop a person’s confidence, power, stamina, persistence, and ambitiousness. All this is very important, but we have to fill sports with the spirit of connection. We need to develop sports that require a deep sense of mutuality. It is a good idea to develop activities for the public in parks, physical activities that include dancing and a common motion. The role of the coach is to connect the members of the group. The uniqueness of each member in the group stands out on top of the connection.

We should add training exercises that develop connection, understanding, and a feeling of mutuality. The players should become friends, get closer to each other, eat together, and sleep together until they become one body. They should not compete against each other. They should speak about the connection, the ties between them, about love and mutual understanding. They should get to know each other well.

A perfect group is a group in which all its members move as organs of one body on the field, as one player. We should add a connection workshop to today’s training, to share feelings, to find out how the connection can be made stronger. It is possible to play games with the eyes or ears covered and then try to feel the others internally.

We will see how from one year to the next, the winning group is the one that has the power of connection, and not the group that has individual stars. Today sportsmen use drugs in order to enhance their performance. The power of connection will enhance performance many times more.

It is easy to use drugs, while you have to work on the power of connection, but the power of connection is unlimited. You should not go over board with talks to children, but rather show them the connection between togetherness and success though games. If we nullify the self, we will feel that there is one head in the center of the group from which we all receive orders.

We can perceive these operating orders by creating mutual brotherhood among us and being as one. Such a group will demonstrate perfect harmony and the audience will be stunned and will be drawn into unity between them.
From KabTV’s “New Life #400 –Sports Education And Group Power,” 6/8/14

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