Can You Feel The Upper World From Birth?

Laitman_511_01Question: Did the great Kabbalists or special souls like the Ari and Baal HaSulam each time with every new birth pass through the Machsom (barrier), or did they feel the Upper World and our world from birth?

Answer: Nobody feels the upper world from birth. There is no possibility without effort, without a group, to begin to feel the upper world, the Creator, because we must create a Kli in order to perceive it. Nobody is born a Kabbalist.

We were intentionally created this way so that we could become independent in relative to the Creator. If you get something without conscious effort, it is impossible to achieve anything. It is impossible to begin to understand the inner meaning of the world if we don’t specifically grasp it through contrasts.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/18/16

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  1. Happy chanukah to all.

    We yet know that if almost nothing is in our hands, except the will to chose the adequate environment, bless bbb, there is no such limits when it comes to the Upper. Caution is the science of the wise.
    All the best to all the friends and our great rav!

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