Actions And Intentions

laitman_624_03_0Question: How is it possible to differentiate between spiritual characteristics and beastly characteristics?

Answer: The intention determines everything. On one hand, a person can think about something sublime or be involved with music, painting, or literature and experience creative suffering, all of these with the goal of becoming famous and fulfilling himself intellectually and emotionally because a large ego is motivating him. All great people were very big egoists, because in order to reach the heights of achievement one requires a great egoistic power, a longing for advancement.

On the other hand, it is possible for a person to be involved with something very simple, a small business, but his intention is bestowal, like a person who gathers a group of children and involves them with music, intending to develop them. Characteristics themselves are neutral. Everything depends on the intent. So without knowing what the intention is, it is impossible to determine the nature of the activity. Nobody knows the feelings and motivations of another person; it is even difficult for a person himself to determine what the true motivation for his deeds are. The wisdom of Kabbalah is called the “Hidden Wisdom,” because a person’s intention is concealed from strangers.

Question: Which characteristics does a man need to attain the power of bestowal?

Answer: In spirituality, the gender of the physical body is unimportant. When a person bestows, he is called “male,” and when he receives, even though he is physically a male, in our world he is called “female.” That is how the wisdom of Kabbalah determines the spiritual gender of a person.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/26/16

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