What Is The Root Of The Hatred Between Islam And Judaism?

laitman_202_0Question: Despite the fact that Islam emerged as a consequence of Christianity and Judaism, Islam has an extreme negative attitude to both religions and especially to Judaism. If we ignore the territorial claims and demands of the Muslim world against Israel for a moment, why is there such hatred between these religions?

Answer: Initially, there was no animosity between Islam and Judaism. Christianity, having completely opposite origins, places itself in opposition to Judaism. Islam has never been considered as a religion that is strange to Judaism. The foundations of Islam are very close to Judaism. The Muslims believe in the same Creator, the same God, which is in no way material and cannot be expressed or described in any other way.

The difference between the two religions stems from the fact that the Arab nation, which stems from Abraham’s son and his female slave, has another prophet named Mohamed. Mohamed put forth his prophecy, and it spread among the Bedouins who lived in the deserts of Saudi Arabia in the sixth and seventh centuries. Later, his prophecy gradually spread as a religion. Basically, Islam is founded on commandments that are absolutely Jewish, and there is nothing in Islam that contradicts Judaism. For ages, there were no conflicts or clashes between Jews and Arabs.

The problems began much later during the time of colonialism in the lands they lived in since the Christians conquered the region and began to persecute the Jews, as expressed as disrespect and hatred toward them. This attitude was passed on to the Arabs as well, and they gradually developed this attitude into ideology, which grew into deep hatred.

Question: What is the root of this phenomenon? Why has this process taken place in this way?

Answer: According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, this phenomenon has taken place in order to force the nation of Israel to fulfill its duty to humanity. Its duty is the revelation of the method of connection and bringing all the nations to a level of total, absolute unity. The Torah also tells us that the entire world must be united, and if the Jews don’t reveal the method of unity, no other nation will be able to do so,

Question: Today, Islam is actually at the spearhead of this pressure and not Christianity.

Answer: Christianity has been greatly weakened; it agrees to anything. This situation is not dependent on external forces, but on spiritual forces that are running out, and therefore, the power is drying up like fuel in a nuclear power plant gradually runs out, and it can’t do anything since it is processed and spent. In the future, we are going to face very strong pressure from Islam, which will also be on the Christian nations and, first of all, on Europe and America. Then, their common pressure will be aimed at Israel. We are going to see how they will try to start great wars in our region.

Question: Is Islam putting pressure on the Christian world in order to subsequently force them to also put pressure on the Jews?

Answer: No, the goal of Islam is to conquer the world, and therefore the Muslims feel that Christianity is an enemy that opposes their ideology.

Question: According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the greatest enemies will later turn into the closest friends.

Answer: Everything depends on how we promote the method of integral unity in the world. Only the Upper Light, the great good force that we must reveal to the world in order to unite, can settle all of the conflicts.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 9/26/16

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