The Spiritual Development Of The Nations

laitman_575Question: What will happen to the nations that don’t develop spiritually and don’t attain the Creator?

Answer: They will all gradually attain spirituality, but there are different levels of spiritual development. Just as there are nations that are more advanced technologically in our world and there are those that are more advanced physically, every nation is on a different level and develops in different directions. But eventually they all have to develop spiritually. In addition, the nations that advance faster have a smaller egoism, although it is expressed in the most overt manner. On the other hand, the nations that will attain spirituality later, like the African nations or Oceania, have a greater egoism, and they will attain a higher level of spirituality.

In fact, the Jews who are advancing at the head of mankind will reach the lowest spiritual level. Their duty is to convey the Upper Light through them, and this is why they are closer to it. But it is actually the nations that today are far from the question about the meaning of life and who will be the last to start the correction, that will receive the strongest and most powerful Light.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/9/16

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