“Wisdom Among The Gentiles, Believe It”

Laitman_167Moses’s arguments persuaded Jethro to leave his children in the camp of the Jews. The grandchildren of Jethro entered the land of Israel, and as Moses promised, they received the fertile lands of Jericho and its surroundings.

Ultimately, they became prominent masters of knowledge in Torah. The descendants of Jethro became famous as the leaders of the Sanhedrin, teaching Torah to the entire community of Israel (Midrash Mesaper, Parshat Beha’alotcha).

Those among the nations of the world who had the greatest egoistic desires and succeeded in correcting them became the greatest of the generation. They became higher and greater than the leaders of the tribes, as in the example of Rabbi Akiva.

According to its root, Israel is Galgalta ve Eynayim, the easiest and purest desires that cannot absorb the Light of Hochma into them, whereas the nations of the world, when they receive this method from Israel and correct themselves, they discover a very great Light of Hochma. So, it is written, “If someone says that there is wisdom among the gentiles, believe it” (Eicha Rabbah 2:13) because it exists in a stage of correction.

The nations of the world who attain the concept of “Israel” join the people of Israel to become a bridge for their people. Israel itself cannot become such a bridge since to do this it would have to become AHP de Aliyah, which is an ascent from below to above.

So, it is imperative to disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah to the entire world.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/11/15

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