Jethro’s Return

laitman_740_02The Midrash “Behaalotcha,”: Jethro, however, insisted on a return to Midian. I have an urgent reason to go back there – he explained to Moshe. – Not only did I leave in Midian all my possessions but I want to teach the Torah to all my family and those friends that I left at home, and to convert them to my faith.

In addition, the year when I left was a year of drought. I borrowed money from different people in order to support the poor. If I do not return, my debtors will think that I’m trying to avoid retribution.

Think about the fact that I am needed in Midian, not here.

If we interpret the above paragraphs in the language of correction, it will mean that anything one ever consumes egoistically has to be corrected. Everything happens inside us and we are the ones who make calculations only with ourselves.

Only because we once already used certain types of desires do we have a chance to refer to them again. However, this time we have the Torah with the help of which we can correct our ego, otherwise it’s impossible to return to the prior states.

Jethro’s trip to Moses was necessary because he had to take Moses’s energy and then go back. By doing so, Jethro corrected the way the people of Israel were arranged by splitting them in tens, hundreds, and thousands.

Jethro knew where and why he was going since his mission was to correct the place where he was a leader (master). In other words, anyone who comes to an understanding of what Israel is acknowledges the reason why they aspired to reach this understanding: to acquire the knowledge for the sake of bringing it to the people and correcting them. Then, through Israel, the knowledge spreads to other nations of the world from above.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/11/15

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