One Tenth Of The Income

laitman_560Torah, Deuteronomy 12:17: You may not eat within your cities the tithe of your grain, or of your wine, or of your oil, or the firstborn of your cattle or of your sheep, or any of your vows that you will vow, or your donations, or the separation by your hand.

Tithing (Maaser) belongs to the Cohens (Priests). The Cohen is that part of egoism that we cannot use correctly and therefore should abandon.

Usually we pay the tithe for the dissemination of Kabbalah. People always separate one tenth of their income because a person cannot correct the tenth part of his egoism before the final correction that will occur at the end of the 6,000 years.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/30/16

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