New Life #783 – Going Up To The Torah

New Life #783 – Going Up To The Torah
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel


What is the meaning of going up to the Torah, what is the spiritual stage called Bar Mitzvah, and what kind of process is a person beginning to go through when he reaches this stage?

The Torah is the program of all of reality; it explains how the higher power operates on us.

Main points:

  • Two forces come from the higher power—right and left, and they are found in everything. A person must balance both of them.
  • “And you shall love your friend as yourself is the great general rule of the Torah” (Yerushalmi Nedarim Chapter 9) means that all options and situations will be directed for the benefit of others.
  • Spiritually, going up to the Torah means reaching the middle line, the balance between the two forces.
  • Going up to the Torah for a Bar Mitzvah indicates the maturation of a boy who is ready to achieve balance.
  • There were Kabbalists who achieved balance before the age of 13, but most people don’t achieve balance until the end of their lives.
  • To realize the Torah, we must be in a special society that aims toward balance between people.
  • We must organize ourselves within a Minyan, a group of ten, a group, and through these connections between us, we discover the good, balancing force. This force connects us, balancing between our ten opposing egoistic forces.
  • One cannot read the Torah except in a Minyan because reading the Torah is the discovery of the higher power.
  • There is the Torah that explains reality; there is a Torah that operates as the Light that Reforms, and there is the Torah that is the discovery of the Creator.
  • The Creator is the origin, the root of everything. All our tendencies in life are directed toward discovering our roots.
  • Cohen, Levi, and Israel are practices that symbolize the different intensities of a corrected ego.
  • The Holy Ark and the curtain symbolize the stages of intellectual and emotional development on the way toward discovery of the Torah.
  •  The cantillation signs: Taamim, Nekudot, Tagin and Otiot, are the four stages of attainment of the higher power.
  • A person who organizes his inner desires according to the Torah and everything that is in it, is called a “man of Torah.”

From KabTV’s “New Life 783 –  Going Up To The Torah,” 10/25/16

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