“Fading Western Optimism”

laitman_272In the News (El Pais): “For decades the EU was concentrated on itself, while the United States have drawn away from Europe to pay increasing attention to Asia. But now, unexpectedly, we face serious challenges, which are similar here and there and do not come from outside but from within our own countries. And by sharing our familiar demons, again we become aware that we function as a true community destination. …

“First, faith falters on economic progress, believed indefinite, and goes installing the impression, shared by broad layers of the population, that new generations will live worse than the preceding. And secondly, the fear is heightened to a loss of identity linked to cultural changes brought about by immigration.”

My Comment: Optimism is the result of new prospects for the development of society. But to see it, people must open their eyes and understand how society develops as the egoistic force in nature develops and requires the revelation of the altruistic force. The wisdom of Kabbalah reveals this process to us. Today we have come to the point in which the revelation of the second force of nature is vital, the second force that is meant to balance the negative egoistic force.

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