European Paradise

laitman_426Comment: On the one hand, the standard of living in Europe is high with the security of social support. On the other hand, the level of social problems is also very high. People don’t feel satisfied with their lives. There is a feeling that we have created a “paradise” in which everyone suffers. There is complete disonance.

My Comment: You can feed, clothe, put to bed, cover, and put the “beastly” physical body to sleep, but the Adam (man) in you, within this beast, will not be able to be clothed, fed, put to bed, and surely will not go to sleep! Like a little child doesn’t want to go to bed and doesn’t want to sleep, a person looks at his life and sees that there is no meaning in it, he no longer gets any satisfaction from anything.

Question: People used to be satisfied and now they aren’t?

Answer: Egoism grew! What can be done? People have grown.

If we read books that were written 50 years ago or see movies that were filmed then, we not only think of them as naïve people, but completely different. Immense changes have happened with humanity!

Europe is in the opposition between material abundance and inner emptiness. This is the problem of our times, a terrible paradox that leads to depression, alcoholism, and drug addiction.

Until people discover the answer to the question about the meaning of life, nothing will be good. This is the main question. Most Europeans still don’t clearly understand things are bad for them, what is eating them, but the question is coming up more and more clearly for everyone.

Nature is moving us toward a scream, “Why is all this happening to me?!” Later, specifically thanks to the suffering, when we want to attain the essence of nature, then the meaning of life will be revealed.

Question: Does this mean that it is possible to return to the “paradise” they built there?

Answer: No. When they built the bourgeois paradise, they internally rose above it, queries became different. They are no longer satisfied.

Question: Does that mean that paradise on Earth is impossible?

Answer: No. If we were to stop human development, the development of his internal desires, they would not grow qualitatively, then everything would be fine. But we take only their quantitative growth into account.

More and more material fulfillment has been given to people, but this is not what they need. They already want loftier things, and they don’t exist. So we have to give them what they want now, and this is the meaning of life.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 9/19/16

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