The Youth Of Europe Don’t Want To Work

laitman_926_01Comment: More and more European youth do not to work and prefer receiving social benefits. This is particularly widespread in Italy, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, and Ireland. It was customarily thought that the economic crisis would displace inefficient people and the young would go forward, begin to study, develop a career, and take their place. But the youth actually prefer to sit on welfare.

My Comment: The reason for this is not that people are lazy. They have no incentive and so they become lazy. Everything depends on whether or not there is something that lights up a person’s egoism. Money and a career no longer provide a person with an incentive, they don’t pull him forward. This is no longer the candy he would run toward, like a child.

Question: So what does a person do when he sits receiving public welfare?

Answer: Nothing, he sits from morning to evening on Facebook, his whole life. We see what is happening there. And what will happen when this is over?! It is frightening to even think about!

It is only possible to imagine what kind of deep cry from billions of people will break out from total darkness. They won’t have anything to fulfill themselves!

I would not want to live during this period. A person moves through a state where he is unable to hear; he must realize and feel that he no longer grasps anything. He is imprisoned within himself. There are stars, but they don’t release the light, and here nothing enters. One has no desire. One is so extinguished that he doesn’t even absorb sounds from the outside.

Our future could become so dark.

I hope that before this happens, people will begin to study the wisdom of Kabbalah and will understand that the meaning of life is truly discovered within it. I hope that I am preparing the ground for this because this is the remedy.

What is important is that humanity move toward us. They have nowhere to turn. They will come and stand by our gate and shout: “Give!”
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 9/5/16

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