Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 5/15/16

Laitman_632_4Question: How is it possible to learn to be and to remain in the present moment? How can one be freed from the pain and memories of the past and fear of the future?

Answer: You feel this way because you have not yet received the Upper Light through the group, so you don’t have a connection with the Creator. As soon as a small point of connection with the Creator appears in you, all doubts will immediately disappear and you will not have any questions about yourself. If you are connected to the upper force that determines everything and completely dominates you, you will just have to feel His closeness to you, and then you will immediately be freed from your egoism. First and foremost, this is the state that we must attain.

Question: Is our knowledge a mental illusion?

Answer: It depends on what you mean by the word “knowledge.” When we investigate the world and exist in the world based upon our research data, this is knowledge and not illusion. The wisdom of Kabbalah accepts this with a blessing.

Question: What happens when a person feels déjà-vu?

Answer: There are many different events that happened in the past, are happening in the present, and will happen in the future that are truly possible to predict. Everything that happened to a person in the past has its own Reshimo (informational gene). Therefore, there are phenomena like déjà-vu.

Question: Is self-pity also egoism?

Answer: Self-pity is the height of egoism.

Question: What will you do when millions will come to study the wisdom of Kabbalah and there will be hundreds of thousands of questions?

Answer: In this case, I will sit facing the camera as I am doing now and will broadcast to the whole world. Instead of ten thousand students, there will be a million or a hundred million. Don’t worry, I’m not afraid.

Question: Why is the group so important during this period?

Answer: The group is important because we have entered a stage in which it is possible to draw the Upper Light upon ourselves, but it is drawn only through a group of Ten, a group of ten people, who are connected and yearn for unity. In such a case, the Upper Light shines through the group of Ten on each one of its participants, and through them to the entire world.

Question: The upper world can only be reached by someone who lives forever. Will there not be depression if we know that it is possible to live forever?

Answer: What is the connection to eternal life? What is the dimension of time? According to a heartbeat? There is no such thing. The physical body lives 70-100 years, but life is eternal, just a transition from one state to another state. So there is nothing to worry about. There is no choice but to exist forever.
From a Lesson in Russian, 5/15/16

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