A Stipend For People Who Are Replaced By Robots

laitman_552_03In the News (Smithsonian.com): “There’s nothing new about worrying that machines will take our jobs. …

“According to a Pew Internet Survey released last week, more than two-thirds of Americans think that within 50 years, most jobs will be done by robots or computers—although the vast majority conveniently thought that won’t happen with their own jobs.

“No matter how this plays out, it’s pretty clear that machines will be handling more and more work, particularly now that increasingly sophisticated artificial intelligence is enabling them to take on mental task too. And that is raising a big question: When machines dominate the work world, what are all the people they replace going to do for money?

“Remarkably, one idea starting to gain traction is known as universal basic income (UBI). It’s a simple, if somewhat radical concept—each citizen of a country would receive a monthly check from the government, no matter how much money you make and without any strings attached. …

“The truth is that no one knows how people will respond.”

My Comment: I believe that without general education, people will deteriorate in every possible way. Not securing your own food is the most unnatural situation in material existence.

In such cases in wealthy families, there is compulsory education, a system of strict education and work. How will this work according to the desire of the masses?

Kabbalah believes that general information and education that leads to connection and unity with nature and society into a single whole are obligatory throughout a person’s life. This is a compulsory process which society, the nation, and especially the United Nations must take upon themselves; because it is specifically with this that they should be involved.

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  1. Well..as far as the universal income goes they actually have already suggested this in Switzerland, very generously as a matter of fact…although I think they voted it down… the funds are there but a whole myriad of other problems would be created. And of course, it is true that without some reason to wake up in the morning….most humans will deteriorate…look at what happens to many people who retire from jobs that have taken up much of their lives and have no purpose…they wither. Most humans need to feel a purpose for being and a sense of progress and connection…to something…preferentially to their community. The lack of this would be unimaginable and very sad for younger generations. This is actually an interesting question: If everything is provided for, and your contribution to that is unnecessary, what do you do with your time and are you really happy? I think not….Perhaps in the end…the struggle, is in fact, an essential part of a fulfilled existence….otherwise we are just like animals in a zoo.. Isn’t this actually why most of us are here…trying to figure it out on some higher and more continuing level???

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