“When The Market Falls…”

laitman_220In the News (CONT.ws): “Right now in the world economy the ideal conditions for a large collapse have been created, large injections into the economy and negative rates work against all the rules. Only one question remains, when…

“There are two options, everything will blow away slowly or abruptly and painfully.

“In the first case the markets will slowly slide down, and investors will lose their savings. …

“But for the sharp decline, there are reasons galore. …

“The the threat of the collapse of the European Union has dramatically increased. It is worth monitoring the elections in France and again in Italy. For there have recently become more popular proponents of exit from the EU. …

“Currency war is another danger for the modern economy. China is slowly and surely devalue the yuan, thus exporting deflation.

“In fact, China is currently the main threat for the United States. … Therefore, it is important for America to reduce China’s economic role. The output of production has already begun. In the long term it can be a real trade war. It can also impose sanctions against China. …

“Do not forget about the various military conflicts.

“Initially under the economy laid a time bomb, it is negative interest rates, and sooner or later it will explode.

“In a very interesting and challenging times we live in! Change is inevitable, and it is only a matter of time.

My Comment: There are two ways to balance the system: the bad way and the good. In any case, the world must take on the form of one system that resembles all of nature. The development of the system will bring the world to mutual cooperation whether by force or willingly by the recognition of the need to develop integrally.

We are at the point of decision—which way will the world continue to develop to its full purpose of unity.

The law of nature is relentless, but man can make itself a reasonable component of its implementation- and thus achieve the inevitable future state in a good way.

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