September First Holiday

laitman_291The first of September is considered to be a light holiday and indeed it should be because on this day we send our kids to the capable hands of educators and teachers.

The difference between educating and teaching is very big. An educator sculpts a human being out of a small child while a teacher teaches him and provides him with knowledge.

Unfortunately schools today don’t educate at all. Teachers provide children with very limited set of necessary human knowledge, information he can acquire by himself in half a year instead of in 10 to 12 years of school.

I would transform the time children spend at school from a training process into an educational process in many areas, introducing compulsory subjects like the right way for people to interact with each other, the use of study materials on the Internet, and the training for any profession on the Internet.

A person should be flexible, and learn self-instruction. He should understand where he can apply his knowledge. But all this is secondary, the primary part is educational, during which a child is taught how to properly connect to others into one unique system like nature.  And with that, he assures himself a bright future.

Question: What would you recommend to learn about nature: science, biology, or geography?

Answer: Children should study a little about all these subjects. They should review the same material each time on a higher level. But all in order to show us that we exist in one integral system, which affects us, operates us, and leads us to resemble it. That’s the main thing.

A person needs to understand that at the level of society, one must also establish an integrated, properly interacting single system, like overall nature. Only then can he expect to be successful in every aspect of life. Otherwise anything a person does will be egoistic and thus will cause harm to himself and to others. This is the reason that a person must first be given the right basic direction and then be given the chance to study whatever he wants to.

Question: Would you let a small child choose by himself?

Answer: Today you can do anything on the Internet! Today’s children are totally different compared to children in the past. They grow up very fast and grow wise very early in life. Therefore, this is actually what I would teach them because school doesn’t give a person the right push, and then he chooses an occupation according to the labor market, etc. We must first teach him the right connection between people and give him the tools for studying independently. He has to engage in it during the whole period of his maturation.

At the same time schools should teach essential subjects, of course, such as geography, history, mathematics, and physics. Everything adds together. But the main thing is to teach children the process of interacting with others and how to study independently on the Internet. Then the first of September will truly be a holiday in which we prepare our children for a bright and secure future.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 8/31/16

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