In Harmony With Global Nature

Laitman_715When a person enters the global system of nature and adjusts himself to it by observing all its laws on all levels, he comes to the balance and harmony with both material and spiritual nature, because they are one whole. It seems to us that they are different things because we don’t perceive them as a whole yet.

We don’t notice a lot of things in nature. After all, in the material world we see only a small fragment of it.

But if a person acts according to the laws of Kabbalah that explain how to tune in to the entire nature, called the Creator, he receives only positive feedback from it.

It is said so in the Torah in a simple language that everything will be good for you: your wife, children, home, peace, country, weather, sun, and moon, everything will shine and flourish. And during your life you will begin to move gradually from the perception of this world only to the perception of the spiritual world, that is eternal and perfect, as well.

You will move from one system of forces to another. You won’t feel when you die since you don’t die, but simply turn into a spiritual person. You gradually stop feeling your body and feel yourself living in the eternal, infinite, and perfect space.

This is the state we must reach. The wisdom of Kabbalah and the entire Torah urge us to do just that.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/11/16

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