How Does One Become Immune To External Influences?

laitman_600_04Question: The world is packed full of various events. Above your apartment they are renovating; swearing is heard below; on the left there is pandemonium and quarreling, on the right, drunkenness. On the street, in stores, in recreational and leisure areas, everywhere it is the same thing. How can one become filled with energy, with goodness, with kindness, with happiness, and with joy? How is it possible to be immune from external influences? How is it possible to live?!

Answer: This question is answered by wisdom of Kabbalah: we need to create a society, an atmosphere in which we can open our hearts a bit, feel others, and work together. There is no happier situation than people who come in contact and connect with their feelings and thoughts. If we reach a feeling that we have come to the “limit of our own ability,” we will be able to understand that we cannot get along without a society like this! So we find an environment like this in which we can realize our aspirations and longings.

The goal of this environment is to create friendships, love, mutual concession, feelings, and understandings of one another, meaning a connection that makes many people become one whole partnership. It is specifically this in which the wisdom of Kabbalah is involved because the Creator, the upper force, is discovered through interactions between people.

Question: How can the wisdom of Kabbalah help when negative feelings like anger, hatred and irritability appear in the mutual relationships between people? Is it possible to develop feelings like love and friendship?

Answer: A person must be trained to rise above all kinds of emotions; one must use them more effectively for one’s spiritual development. For this, there is a special method with whose help, a person can use every emotion that appears in him, whether negative or positive, to build a special system of mutual relationships between himself and the system that manages us. What is not articulated in the relationships between us will not be useful for anything, although they are, of course, important. But we cannot work with them; we cannot keep them locked inside.

We need to understand that everything that is created in us, in our world, and between us was created so that by handling this data correctly, a way out to the higher world, to the next level, to the realm of the management of our world, can be found. Our world is on a lower level and is managed by the higher level. The wisdom of Kabbalah is involved with a method through which we can discover the next level, its operating system, the way it manages us, and the manner in which we can influence it from below. And this is the main thing for us. As long as we haven’t found the way and haven’t begun to mutually cooperate correctly with the higher level, it will constantly pressure us, anger and arouse in us all kinds of negative feelings and drives; there is nothing that we can do with them. No other training methods and systems will help us because all of us are under the influence of the higher management and it manages and activates us only so that we will find contact with it.

The relationships between us are the only means for exiting to a higher level. And from there we can even correct our world. It is impossible to correct the world on our level! Humanity has been busy with this for thousands of years already without results.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/1/16

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