Which Professions Will Remain In The Future?

laitman_566_01Question: How does one support children correctly in choosing a profession when it is unknown if they will have a need for spiritual development?

Answer: In our day this is a problem because all of the professions will gradually be eliminated and disappear.

The only area in which a person will be busy for a long time is the art of cooking, all forms of food preparation. The profession of chef will continue for a long time because this is a basic human desire, and everything else will rapidly change.

Other than that, a demand will remain for anything that requires planning: buildings, furniture, and so forth. But in general, I don’t see a serious future for any of the professions.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/10/16

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  1. Dear friends, Interesting…but what about…teacher, dental hygenist, dentist, plumber, electrician, surgeon, grounds keeper, garbage collection, police, waiters, military planning, psychiatry, neuroscience, etc. etc…. sorry but so far even the electronic answering machines are highly annoying at times.” “Sorry, I could not understand you, could you please repeat that x1, x2, x3 and then we get connected to “the human!” thank goodness. Unless something is going on in the background it would seem that this type of world may be a way off. Now if we are talking about mass production of the same item in factories for sale at a cheap price….okay…but? Do we really need all that?? All the rest of it…one has to wonder….

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