Professions That Will Survive The Crisis

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Novosti):According to experts, service workers, that is, those who do not earn money directly, may be the first to be adversely affected by the crisis. At the same time, there are areas where recruitment continues even during difficult economic times. The specialists who do not have to be afraid of the crisis are the following:

1. IT professionals;
2. Financial experts and top managers;
3. Pharmacists, health care providers;
4. Agrarians;
5. Home staff to VIP families;
6. Office staff;
7. Sales specialists;
8. Promoters and supervisors.”

My Comment: Only those who produce necessary goods and services, such as a moderate range of food products, essential household and industrial goods, delivery and distribution services, and so on will be left.

Everything will be calculated on the basis of minimal cost of energy and labor, optimal production and delivery to the consumer. Progress is a harmful phenomenon if it is not essential because all the comfort, above the necessary level, is achieved through spiritual sensations.

At the level of this world, the need for comfortable surroundings is gradually reduced to the minimum, to what is required by the human body, and the feeling of connection between everyone and the sensation of the world and oneself in it occurs through the upper (spiritual) relationship between people (souls).

All the earthly questions about the existence of our bodies are solved on the basis of the development in the spiritual space, until we reach such spiritual level of complete correction that we cease to feel our bodies.

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