The Intelligent Parasite

Opinion: (Alexander Spirin, a biochemist, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences): “Man will be forced to transform himself not only under the pressure from the ‘external’ social and economic threats, but also under the ‘internal’ threat from nature itself. It would be a mistake to assume that the biosphere cannot find means to stop the aggressor who has become dangerous and to prevent its own end.

“The biosphere will not meekly await the sad fate that has been prepared for it by one of the millions of species generated by it, which imagines itself to be the master of nature. From the standpoint of the ecological imperative, a human being is just a parasite that consumes nature’s energy and matter.

“The biosphere’s attack on humans’ fertility and intellect has already begun. The changes in genotype of human Homo sapiens would amount to the rise of a new species: a safe human, Homo innoxius.

“Due to the imperfections of his own genome, a human would have been doomed to extinction a long time ago, if not for his ability to move beyond his specific program. The human being’s originality and power appeared in his ability to overcome the limitations of his own type.

“So, if the modern human expands his ecological niche, his own gene pool, immune system, he is able to compensate, to correct his mindset and to include in it such valuable guidelines as auto-evolutionary methods of survival and adaptation.”

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