Where Should The French Jews Go?

Laitman_419In the News (Jpost): “French Jews contemplating aliya should take the initiative, and the Israeli government should provide them with the benefits once afforded Soviet immigrants, according to Jewish Agency chairman Natan Sharansky.

“’I believe many French Jews are planning to leave,’ Sharansky told The Jerusalem Post ahead of the Jewish Agency Board of Governors gathering in Paris from Sunday to Tuesday. …

“Sharansky noted that according to a survey conducted last year by Étude IFOP, more than 40 percent of France’s estimated half a million Jews are considering immigration to Israel.”

At present the immigration of the French Jews to Israel is continuing to grow. In the not too distant future we can expect a wave of immigrants from the Ukraine, Russia, and the United States. The two hundred French immigrants who came not long ago, met Minister Sharansky who said that during these recent summer months around another two hundred thousand will come to us.

Question:  Do you think that all of the Jews will leave France?

Answer: If half a million Jews leave France, nothing will remain of the nation. I heard from senior French officials that they believe that the departure of the Jews will be a real disaster for France. In their opinion, even if a thousand Jews were to leave the nation selectively, among them would be scientists, diplomats, politicians, and managers upon whom the French economy is based. And then the nation would cease to exist in its current form.

The Muslims will replace the Jews.

Now there is a big boom, even the French are beginning to seriously study the Arabic language, to get a job. It takes a lot of workers with knowledge of the Arabic language because it is necessary to serve these populations.

Question: Does this mean that you tend to think that the Jews will leave?

Answer: They will have no choice. But in Israel they will have no choice either, because if they arrive in a very large numbers, it will not be possible to employ everyone. We just shout: “Come to us! We love getting immigrants so much,” but where?

Comment: Mr. Sharansky’s view is different. When addressing 200 recent arrivals from France in Israel, said, “‘There is a great future for French Jews in Israel. Every one of you has made a huge step forward. This is a step for you, for the sake of the future of your children, for the sake of the future.. the state of Israel.’  According to Army Radio, about 9,000 new immigrants from around the world are due to arrive in Israel this summer.” (MIGNews)

Answer: As a politician, it is very good to say this, but what will happen when an immigrant tries to find work in his profession? I hear from many French immigrants that they don’t know where to find work, and this in addition to problems that they are having with integrating into life in Israel, we are very different from France.

In France the situation is completely different; Israel is not Italy, Spain, or Germany. It is very difficult for immigrants to live here; they don’t feel the atmosphere here. So for them it is not a very simple transition, in particular when looking for work.

It is not easy just to absorb 9,000 people in one summer, arranging initial conditions for them so that the future will be bright for them. Receiving them with flowers at the airport is very nice, but the question is, what’s next?

Question: Will Israel potentially be able to absorb all the Jews?

Answer: This could be done without a problem. If there were a friendly atmosphere here, if everyone understood that this is a national, popular, and worldwide task that is derived from the goal of creation and that we must organize people as one, united whole, if we wanted to do this, then this would certainly be something great!
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 7/24/16

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