Turkey: Who Loses And Who Wins?

Laitman_727Question: During recent weeks a whole chain of events occurred in the world and it is still unclear where they will lead us. It began with the exit of Britain from the European Union. Then major terrorist acts broke out one after another in European countries.

And yesterday a military coup attempt was made in Turkey that caused a terrible rift in the country. What can you say about the situation in Turkey?

Answer: Turkey is at the crossroad of Europe and Asia, both geographically and internally. On the one hand, it belongs to the Muslim world and, on the other hand, it is a member of NATO and seemingly belongs to Europe.

The border between Europe and Asia runs through Turkey’s capital Istanbul, or as it was formerly called Constantinople. And those there feel this split, an internal partition. There are many people in Turkey who want to be Europeans, but recently the part that belongs to radical-Islam intensified.

The gap between these two groups is steadily increasing, and therefore in the future we have yet to see a lot of turmoil in the country. The situation won’t calm down by itself, although the coup failed and President Erdogan now has an opportunity to bring his order to the country. But people don’t really welcome it.

Erdogan’s opponents have failed so far, but it doesn’t mean they have no power. We need to understand that the entire world is now at the similar crossroads of two different ways. Soon we will see the same opposition in European countries, when the European power will subside and the opposing Muslim power of radical Islam will intensify.

Question: So who will win? Will it be Islam?

Answer: No. None of them can win. Scales will swing from one direction to the other, but neither side will win.

The method of connection that the wisdom of Kabbalah offers should win, and then the entire world will unite and there will be no winners and losers. It doesn’t matter to what side each one belongs, left or right, all will feel that salvation is only in unity. The overall success is only in this; there can’t be anything else.

Question: And how will Turkey look then, like a Muslim country or Western European?

Answer: The country will be neither Muslim nor European but simply one in which there is a complete unity. And it will be the same way in the entire world. If the Light that returns to the source flows through the Kabbalists to the world, to all the nations, then everyone will understand and feel that unity is the only correct and possible state.
From the Lesson Based on Rabash’s article 7/15/16

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  1. İ know it is difficult to do that in politics or even more difficult in military but you can work in such a way even your enemies will regret if they hurt you or will be your friend after you do what you have to do according to what reality or your role demands.

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