Turkey: A Coup Hoax

laitman_273_02Let’s assume that there was no coup, but it was a staging of a play by Erdogan’s government in order to remain in power. Earlier this year he lost the election but he refused to leave, so he staged a “coup” as the story of his wretched opponents in order to remove them.

Already 2,836 soldiers have been arrested, including senior officers; 2,745 judges were removed from office. Erdogan ordered the media to make a false declaration of a coup in order to encourage people to go to the streets and support his government. He provoked the media to show to the world that people support him.

He wants to realize a radical policy in accordance with Islamic Sharia laws and to stay in power for life becoming a symbol of the new Turkey, like Ataturk, whose legacy and memory don’t give him peace.

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  1. also it is not safe to send people to big meetings. safety first. they will have false sense of security in crowds and will be likely to get tempered. you are announcing extraordinary situation in country (for safety reasons) and still not caring about the safety of your people. totally dumb.

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