Is There A Connection Between The Spiritual And The Corporal?

laitman_758Question: Is there any connection between the spiritual world and the corporeal world, between the body and the soul?

Answer: There is no connection, unless perhaps when we are worried or persecuted. Then certain changes take place under the pressure and tension, but nothing more than that. Our body is an animal and there is nothing spiritual about it. Today we can easily replace all its organs. And as for the soul, if there is a soul, it remains, and if there is no soul, nothing changes.

Question: What is the function of the brain? Is it ours or do we belong to it?

Answer: The brain is like a modem that connects us with the upper mind on its basic level, which means with a minimal connection. In fact there is nothing in the brain but grey matter.

Question: But after all, we say, a wise man, the crown of nature…

Answer: They used to say that in the past, but I don’t hear such expressions anymore today. We are already ashamed of ourselves. Fifty years ago we still believed that we would grow wise and reach great accomplishments, but now everything has collapsed.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/21/16

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