How Do I Get To Heaven?

laitman_293Question: What is the difference between the path of Torah and the path of suffering if they both lead to suffering?

Answer: Everything is determined by the presence of the goal. A terrorist who cuts a person’s belly, for example, does so in order to kill him, while a surgeon who also cuts a person’s belly does it in order to save him. A person who is ill agrees to be operated on of his own freewill, and even pays for the operation and is ready to suffer the pain as long as he can get well.

A person who is about to undergo an operation is ready for any kind of suffering because he knows that he is gaining his life, while a person who was killed by a terrorist has lost his life. Therefore, everything depends on the way you assess the suffering and whether it gives you life or takes your life.

Question: The terrorist, himself, also is facing suffering and death because he thinks that this is the way to reach heaven. So, what is the path of the Light here?

Answer: For the terrorist, this is also the path of the light. This is what he believes. There are many theories according to which people are prepared to suffer in order to receive future pleasure.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, you should try to get closer to other people, but not for a reward in the next world after death. The corporeal body has nothing to do with that. The state you live in and identify with the corporeal body is a totally wrong state.

You must reach a totally different state in which you exist in the world of upper forces. In that world, you feel the effect of the upper forces and don’t identify with your body anymore. It is as if you shed the corporeal body off yourself, like a snake sheds its skin. Then, only the soul is left, which is in adhesion with the upper forces.

This state is called the Garden of Eden, heaven, and this is the state we should reach here and now, not in the next world. You need not kill anyone in order to reach it.

Question: It turns out that religions made up by man enable religious people to avoid suffering by holding on to an idol, such as God or Allah.

Answer: Of course, man made religion in order to sweeten his life and enable him to exist as if for a certain goal.

Judaism, Christianity, and then Islam emerged after the Jews fell from the spiritual level to an egoistic level, a state called the destruction of the Temple. Religion is the corporeal, egoistic reflection of the spiritual path.

It gradually brings humanity to the recognition that we must ascend spiritually. This is the reason that religions reach a peak and then disappear from the world, and a person begins to look for the true meaning of life.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/3/16

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