A Door To Time Travel

Laitman_910In the News (ibtimes.com.au): “Using single particles of light, scientists from the University of Queensland, Australia, have shown that a photon can pass through a wormhole to interact with its older self. The quantum experiment was aimed at simulation of time travel by quantum particles.

“The Collective Evolution, citing the Nature Communications, which published the findings of the quantum experiment, says the difficulty in time travel lies in the existence of ‘closed timelike curves’ (CTCs). A CTC refers to the line of a material particle in spacetime that is closed, enabling it to return to its starting point. The report says CTCs are used to simulate powerful gravitational fields of the kind produced by a spinning black hole. Based on Albert Einstein’s relativity theory, CTCs can theoretically warp or distort existence to bend space-time back on itself, enabling time travel.”

My Comment: If we assume that everything flows in time, the journey along the time axis is not possible. Whereas according to the wisdom of Kabbalah, everything exists within a single picture of the world. Past, present, and future can generate the existence of the world from the one and only state. It follows that time doesn’t exist but is only one parameter of subjective existence in our perception of reality.

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