The Soul Is Part Of The Creator

Laitman_712_03Question: How was the human body created?

Answer: According to the theory of evolution, atoms first accumulated into chunks of matter, the earth was formed, and millions of years later different simple connections appeared on the surface of the earth, and life began to develop.

About 500 years before Darwin, the great Kabbalist the ARI wrote in his book, The Tree of Life, that everything evolved from the still, vegetative, and animate levels into the monkey, which is the uppermost form of the animate levels and an intermediate level between the animate level and the human level.

Question: How was the soul created according to Kabbalistic theory?

Answer: The soul was not created. The soul is a part of the Creator from above.

The Light enters our desire to receive, which wants to enjoy, and changes its attributes to the opposite attributes, into a desire to receive and enjoy for the sake of others by dressing in others and connecting with them. When a person begins to connect with others in order to bring them pleasure, he becomes a Kabbalist who receives the Light from above and conveys it through him to others.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/20/15

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