Seeing Through The Eyes Of A Baby

Laitman_197_01Question: Scientists who studied 42 babies came to the conclusion that babies see things that adults cannot see.

Answer: This is typical not only of babies. I remember that we were having lunch once, and my wife was serving the meal to everyone around the table when our little daughter who was about two years-old pointed at an empty chair and asked her mother why she didn’t serve him anything, as if someone was sitting in the empty chair.

Question: In the above study, scientists refer to the same things. Babies from the age of six months to three years notice different small and “unimportant” things that a grownup wouldn’t notice. Babies also can see mysterious figures.

Answer: This assertion has a strong basis. Babies have the feeling of the upper world. A small child suddenly can begin to pray, although he doesn’t understand anything, is not connected to the Creator, is not raised in a religious family, and has not read or heard anything about it yet. However, he already feels that since his internal nature pushes him toward the upper level, so young children have this inclination until it gradually disappears because of the external influences of our world.

Question: Does this phenomenon have a Kabbalistic basis?

Answer: Of course, the Reshimot (reminiscences) are the basis of a person’s nature, and it develops for a while. If a person continues to develop it, he continues to grow naturally into the spiritual world, but since we don’t develop it, it remains in us in its embryonic phase, and only our ego and our body develop while the spiritual part remains inside us.

Question: Do people who begin to engage in the wisdom of Kabbalah seemingly return to the phase of infancy?

Answer: Not only that, they return to their embryonic phase, and when a person goes through spiritual levels, he feels to some extent as if he were in his mother’s womb and then as if he is born and develops.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/12/16

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  1. In fact Occult practitioners, Psychics and other similar individuals use children to experience some kind of spiritual phenomena or encounter in their practices, I’ve even read of a ritual involving introducing a child to an occult space and room to invoke spiritual phenomena or entities, how can we protect ‘our’ integral children against the Illusions.

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