How Does One Become Free From Suffering?

laitman_222_0Question: Does a person cause illness and suffering for himself?

Answer: It is impossible to say that suffering comes to us as a punishment. We must look at it as a revelation under the influence of the Light of more egoism within us. The Light, being a certain distance from the ego, shines on one, but doesn’t enter it so the ego feels suffering.

The closer the Light gets, the greater the pain. The person begins to think about how to avoid this pain, how to protect the ego from it, maybe even get away from it, to let the mind go and not think about anything. Masses of people take drugs, consume alcohol, or immerse themselves in various fields like: science, art, sports, and so forth; the main thing being to escape and not think about the meaning of life!

The Light is what brings us the meaning of life. We begin to understand that without the pain we wouldn’t begin this journey. All that remains for us is to take one step toward the Light so that it can enter into us.

If I search for a method to become free of suffering and to tell me how to find the meaning of life, I come the wisdom of Kabbalah. After all, those who come to it only come because they feel emptiness in this world. They have already experienced all kinds of problems, pain, and failures in previous incarnations, and even in this lifetime they mainly experience suffering from emptiness.

Question: A few years ago I became ill with a serious illness. This suffering led me to study the Bible and then the wisdom of Kabbalah. But this suffering no longer hurts me like it used to so I just about don’t pay attention to it. Can I become healthy?

Answer: There is no problem, just continue to do this so that the Upper Light will come closer to you. All problems are derived from the fact that it is standing in front of you but cannot enter.

Question: Does this mean that if I approach it willingly, the suffering will be reduced?

Answer: No. It will only gradually change in quality because there is a need for it. This is so that the movement toward the Light will not weaken. After all, we are egoists. How else is it possible to work with the ego? One can only poke it with a sharp stick , which is called a “stimulus.”

So it is said that a person advances being equally thankful for the bad and the good, and this means that he is advancing correctly. No matter where they come from, after all, in any case they are coming only from the Creator because “There is none else beside Him” (Deuteronomy 4:35). If a person is equally thankful for these influences, he will not deviate from the prescribed path and will advance directly toward the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/3/16

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