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laitman_938_04The world convention that took place not long ago is a very serious phase, but it is over.

Unfortunately we don’t feel the pain of not being incorporated in others yet. I don’t feel any pain of not living in the heart of others; I have no feeling that I want to break away from myself and be in others, but cannot do so and so I feel pain. I don’t feel that it pressures me so much and worries me so that it is the reason that I ask for and cry out, but we are nearing that.

Still, it was a very serious effort in moving toward the goal. I don’t know how to measure it since we are moving along a path that has never been taken, and there are no examples we can learn from, but I believe that in another two or three such conventions, if people will hold on, if they feel a greater need to delve more deeply into each other, everything will be solved. This is what the coming conventions are for, and there is no going back. I have to live in the heart of the friend, inside it; I am not here. I exist there with all my soul.

Question: Will questions and workshops be only in this direction from now on?

Answer: Only in order to be as one man in one heart. This is a precondition without which we cannot reach spirituality. The point is not the Creator, but the friend’s heart. We have felt it now; we had access to it, and although there was not a clear demand for that yet, no attack and the accumulation of pain, it will happen.

Now we will work on it systematically and will hold a series of conventions in America and Russia and then in Israel again. A person should feel pain from not being in his friend’s heart. He yearns for that, but cannot. Something is holding him back, but he really wants to be inside his heart. He wants to work with his own desires like Malchut while the nine desires before him are the desires of his friends, their yearning for the Creator and not his own. The powers are his while the yearning is of the friends.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/26/16

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