A Rich Man’s Desire

400Question: For the first time in a decade, the number of rich people in the world is declining. The number of people with capital of $30 million or more has declined in one year by 5,500. Do you believe that this trend will grow?

Answer: Of course. It doesn’t mean that humanity will become poorer but that the number of rich people will decrease and their wealth will increase. If I am a rich man and I own ships, railroads, banks, factories, and so forth, would I be interested that others be on the same level? No, on the contrary, I want them to be the most ordinary people who eat what they have earned today and who have nothing tomorrow so that they will depend on me.

Question: Is this what a rich person wants with regard to another rich person?

Answer: Of course. Therefore, it is natural that the number of rich people in the world will decrease, but each one’s wealth will be greater. Thus, 99.9999 percent of the planet’s population will be poor, since all will be concentrated in the hands of one or two thousand people.

Question: Is this natural from a Kabbalistic perspective?

Answer: Yes, it is so natural that there will be only one rich person left, and all of the others will be absolutely poor. This is called the natural evolution of the ego. The question is, what will happen then, and at what point will the rebellion below start? But I think there will not be revolutions or wars since humanity already has been through this phase.

People are nearing the phase of maturation and ripeness. Their grapes of wrath regarding the Creator, the nature, the fate of everything, have ripened, and that is a good thing because people are beginning to realize that it is actually man who must change and that we will not be able to do anything any other way. We don’t need to change nature, society or anything. Everything depends on individuals and on the way that they are connected to each other. Only the connection between them can change society.

People are beginning to realize that they need a qualitative change, and they will look for it until they find our method. I believe that this phase is coming soon because all of the other options already have been exhausted. No one has any reasonable solution, not philosophers, politicians, political scientists, economists, or others. This is the reason that we Kabbalists should come forth and loudly proclaim that we have the solution, that by a special method of education that we have, we actually can make people feel and understand after a few lessons and special meetings that there is a special force here that can change our entire society.

There is everything in the world, and the problem is only in distributing the resources. The distribution can be right only according to the right connection between people which we must organize. The right and good connection should be a connection in which everyone is simply equal, and then everyone will feel good.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/3/16

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