New Life #348 – Peace In Israel And In The World

New Life #348 – Peace In Israel And In The World
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

Why can’t we have peace? How is this related to the fact that the world is always against us and what is the role of Israel in the world?


Peace in Israel refers to inner wholeness. Abraham, the nation’s patriarch, taught mercy and love.

  • When there is no love between us but unfounded hatred, we are not a nation.
  • As long as there is no peace between us, there will not be peace on the outside.
  • We need to live in peace between us and to learn how to connect before there can be any reconciliation with the Arabs or with the world.

If we live a life of love and connection in Israel, everything around us will quiet down and everyone will want to learn from us.

  • Today we are like a pain in the neck for the world, and the other nations don’t know how to get rid of us,
  • We have to search internally and begin to build the nation of Israel.
  • There is no one to be afraid of but ourselves. Today we are destroying ourselves, Being a “Light unto the nations” means building a social model of life that is based on connection and love in Israel.
  • We should start a general educational process in order to unite the nation, connect above all the differences, like in a family. Let’s start with that and the neighboring nations will become our best friends; we will also connect with them. The more the socio-educational process will penetrate them, the more will be as one with them.

The whole world subconsciously feels that the key for a good life is in the hands of the Jews.

  • The right approach for peace that Israel should adopt is first of all educating ourselves to live in peace among us.
  • It is from here that love will spread all over the world until all of mankind will be as one family.
  • No one other than us can bring world peace, but we are asleep and therefore others hate us.

From KabTV’s “New Life #348 – Peace In Israel And In The World,” 4/10/14

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